Should You Use Vehicle Wraps & Graphics for Your Tax Deduction Car Wraps?

What exactly are Vehicle Wraps & Graphics? Vehicle Wraps & Graphics are an advertising specialty company that offers custom vinyl decals and other signage products. The primary goal of this company is to create high-end advertising that is unique, eye-catching and functional. The Company offers a full range of vinyl options for all vehicle applications.


What is a vehicle wrap? A vehicle wrap is a vinyl decal or graphic that is applied to a car, truck, van, SUV, minivan, shuttle bus, motorcycle and recreational vehicle and used to advertise a business. There are many different types of vehicle graphics, including vehicle wraps, neon wraps, decals and murals. Most vehicle graphics are self adhesive and are designed for quick and easy application.


How do you know what type of vehicle wrap or graphics to order? Vehicle graphics are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications and come in a variety of styles, designs and colors to meet your printing needs. Many of the Company’s vehicle wraps are printed digitally and will be ready to apply the same day. Vehicle wrap designs can include graphics from your favorite sports team, favorite car brand, or a custom shape or design that has been specifically created just for your business.


Do I need to use the same graphic on all of my vehicles or can I apply different graphic styles to each vehicle? Most vehicle wraps can be used on any make and model of vehicle and you can apply them to trucks, vans, cars and even bikes. The most common styles of graphics are letter wraps, name and logo wraps, truck and bus graphics, arrow signs and fire trucks. You can apply these captivating signs to all of your fleet vehicles, whether they are owned by a local transportation management company, private firm or a nationwide chain of dealerships. These captivating signs will attract customers from long distances and are sure to make your sales grow.


What are the benefits of using car wraps and graphic stickers for your fleet vehicles? Car wrap graphics are designed to be both attractive and functional. When a customer drives past a car wrapping with a catchy name or logo, they are likely to glance at the graphic and be interested in the wrap. If they don’t notice the graphic, they may never see it and this means a wasted opportunity.


The first benefit of a well-designed vehicle graphics or sign is that it is cost effective. Your advertising budget can be effectively financed with your current advertising expenses, or through cash donations, sales tax deductible receipts, or other forms of direct funding. The second benefit of a professionally designed car wrap or graphic sign is that it is more functional than the sign alone. A well-designed vehicle wrap provides your drivers with a useful and appealing tool to help them with their daily driving habits. This practical tool will become a treasured tool to be handed down from one owner to another and be kept as memorabilia of your successful tax campaign.